10 Magical Tips to Pack Your Luggage When Travelling

Do you often postpone your packing for the trip until last minute? Many of you must find it tedious and tired of packing everything only to find that half of what you want cannot fit in the luggage. Now, here’s some magical tricks for you out there who are scratching your head as you figure out how to pack your clothes and pieces of stuff.

Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold

First of all, learn to roll your clothes tightly. They will not easily wrinkle and you have more space for more clothes. Basically, you’re killing birds with two stones using this method. Also, use a vacuum bag and remove the air inside to save up space.

Other than that, it’s extremely suitable to use the rolling method to keep the larger piece of clothes such as jacket and children’s soft toy.

Use Pyramid Principle

Next, you can try to pack your pieces of stuff using pyramid principle. Just remember to keep your shoes on the side. Moving on to the larger clothes but just lay them out. Meanwhile, fold the smaller pieces of clothes. Once done, fold over the larger pieces of clothes to cover them.

Now, if you know your travel destination will have rain season, don’t bring along that huge umbrella. Why don’t you just pack your raincoat instead?

Huge Cosmetics Bag? Small Items?

After that, for the women, it must be frustrating to figure out how to pack each of the toiletries, skin care and beauty products. Why don’t you pack all these into smaller bottles and casings instead? After all, you don’t need that much of the products for a short weekend or a week-long trip.

Maybe you can stuff your socks into your shoes which you brought along. And keep all your small accessories into the pill cases.

Hangers and Medicine

On another note, is there a specific piece of clothes you don’t want to risk being wrinkled? Use the special bag instead and for easy removal once you arrived at your destinations.

Don’t even bring along a huge medical kit for your trip. Only bring enough amount of medicine along. Additionally, pack plasters for small wounds and some medicine to consume in case of a headache, stomach pain and travel sickness.

Utilise All The Space

Another magical trick is to utilise all the space even within your clothes. Tie your earphone around the tablet and stuff in your stocking inside your shoes. For the ladies, you can also roll your underwear and stuff inside the bra cups.

Never Leave Empty

Lastly, if you don’t have many clothes to bring along, just fill in space with other pieces of stuff. This will help to prevent the clothes from getting wrinkled as well.

Happy travelling and have fun packing with these magical tricks!

Original Article by Asmawi Hadzri.

Original Source from Bright Side.

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