10 Must-Bring Items in Your Carry-On

Everyone can fly these days and that no-frill airline’s tagline is certainly true. The tourism industry is booming and many companies are going global. Whether you travel for leisure or business, your flight will be more comfortable if you bring these essential items in your carry-ons. Check out SINI KAKI‘s list of 10 must-bring items in your carry-on:

1. Travel Pillow

Many people choose to catch a nap during flight. For one, time passes quicker. Second, you’ll be energetic by the time you arrived at your destination. Sleeping with travel a pillow will prevent you from swaying side to side and cause cramps in your necks.

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2. Sleep Mask

Other than sleeping pillow, one thing not to be missed when sleeping in flight is the sleep mask. It helps to block light rays, ensuring a more peaceful slumber.

If you can’t stand noisy children, snoring sleepers and chattering passengers, earplugs would come in handy.

3. Moisturising Items

Lip balm and moisturisers are a must for everyone. The air in an aircraft can be dry and cold causing chapped lips. lip balm replenishes the moisture. You can either bring the stick or cream, but for liquid moisturiser, remember that you are allowed to bring less than the 100ml in a tube. The same goes for dry skin. It is best to be prepared and bring along your favourite moisturisers in your bag.

Don’t forget some sweets or sore throat lozenges to soothe your dry throat in flight.

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4. Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Face Towel/Facial Wipes

Personal hygiene is very important for those boarding planes. Hence, toothbrush, toothpaste and face towel must be brought along. You can freshen up before the plane lands.

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You can swap face towel with facial wipes if you prefer not to use a public washroom. These items will prevent you from landing with an unkempt appearance.

Comb or brush is yet another must to maintain your unruly hairs after sleeping on the plane.

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5. Entertainment

If you are not a person who can fall asleep easily while travelling, why not bring some entertainment to amuse yourself?

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Books, tablet and even iPod will be an excellent choice for entertainment as you fly.

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6.  Snacks & Refillable Bottle

Instead of opting for the more expensive flight meal plan, pack your own snacks or mid-flight meal instead. Ensure that the food is wrapped and not in liquid form. Your stomach will thank you during one of the hunger pangs.

Moreover, bring a refillable bottle, especially one with an inbuilt filter so you stay hydrated during the flight.

7. Medications

Remember to keep your daily medications in your carry-on as well.

Besides, choose to bring your favourite brands of medicine and ointments for emergency use. Chances are you’ll find it difficult to find them, especially when travelling overseas.

8. Documents

Bring along important documents such as visa, flight tickets and passport in your carry-on. Then, print out copies of your documents stored on your phone just in case too.

If you have any physical tickets for train rides or concerts, it’d be better to pack those inside hand luggage.

9. Valuables

Anything that you’ve splurged on must be kept in your hand luggage. Although airports and plane managements have strived to reduce thefts, it’s safer to keep your jewellery, money and credit cards by your side.

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Meanwhile, electronics like camera and laptop are better off packed inside your carry-on bag.

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10. Extra Clothing

Have an extra set of clothing in case of accidental stains and spills while your luggage is still out of sight.

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Also, check that you have a pair of underwear in your carry-on to change as needed. Stuffing these in your carry-on bag will also help when your luggage is missing.

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Plus One Extra Thing, Your Jacket/Shawl/Cardigan

Usually, the plane’s temperature is kept at around 19 degree Celsius. Now, if you sit beside the window, it’ll be even colder. Thus, bring along your own jacket, shawl or cardigan to keep warm.

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Better yet, if the material is thick, wear it instead of storing within your hand luggage! You can then have more space for other things.

Original Article by Ivy.

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