10 Safe Countries for Female Solo Travellers

When we discuss women solo travelling, the subject often becomes a bit heated as there is always the conventional opinion that woman should not travel without a companion. 

While at one point safety issue is very essential, especially one has to be worried about kidnapped and raped, women have been exploring the world and experiencing their own adventures for centuries.

According to a recent study by George Washington University School of Business, nearly 2/3 of travellers are women. “Women also comprise 54% of coveted affluent travellers with annual incomes of USD250,000 or more, up  42% in 2010”.

It shows that the trend of female solo travellers is increasing. Women nowadays are financially independent and some are used to travels such as going to business trips before embarking on solo leisure travels.

For noob female solo travellers, KAKI SINI would like to share with you the list of countries that are kind and safe for the ladies traipsing the globe.

1. Iceland

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Iceland is famous for its friendly citizens and low crime rate, making it one of the favourite countries for solo travellers. Moreover, Iceland tops the ranking of the world’s safest countries in the Global Peace Index.

Even more interesting is that this magical land of ice and fire offers many attractive places for tourists including Aurora Borealis phenomenon and rugged wilderness of volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Suitable for ladies who love the nature.

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2. Japan

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The Land of Rising Sun is a popular destination among tourists from many countries, including Malaysia. Japan is also one of the safest countries to be visited.

Japan offers eclectic attractions to its visitors. The beautiful landscape, rich culture and also some quirky entertainments to amuse visitors. Don’t forget to visit the trendy Akihabara or the cultural Kyoto. 

Its efficient and systematic public transportation will certainly make your journey a breeze.

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3. Singapore

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The neighbouring country of Malaysia, Singapore was once ranked second safest country in the world in the year 2015.

Despite small in size, it is packed with many interesting places and attractions. Check out Gardens by the Bay and the iconic Merlion. Have fun at the Singpore Universal Studio.

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Being a multicultural country, Singapore offers a wide array of mouth-watering food. You will be spoilt for choices with its huge variety of local food ranging from chilli crabs to Hokkien Mee.

4. South Korea

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South Korea has been a major destination for those who have just started out as solo travellers. The safe environment, kind and friendly citizens and the huge variety of food choices have been among the factors many have gone travelling there. Halal food is also easily found at most tourist hotspots in the country.

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Other than that, South Korea is popular for its historical places and landmarks such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsam Tower and Nami Island.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Image by pixabay.com.

Amsterdam may have ‘naughty image’ in Europe. This is the place where certain drugs are illegal and lads go to for some adult entertainment. However, despite these ‘vices’ surprisingly, Amsterdam is one of the best areas for a solo traveller in Europe, especially for the females.

Stay away from the Red Light District and you may enjoy some safe sight-seeing and entertainment. Take a boat ride or stroll along the many canals to enjoy the old buildings. For those who are into arts and history, you can always explore the Van Gogh Museum and visit the Anne Frank House.

Being the capital and the most populous municipality of Netherlands, you are bound to find yourself lost happily within its quirky festivals, live music, laid-back bars and delightful restaurants.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. As one of the safest countries to be travelled in Europe by a solo visitor, it entices tourists with its beautiful buildings, unique cultures and great shopping experience.

Drop by to have a look at the famous Little Mermaid bronze sculpture and wander along the harbour and canal of Nyhavn.

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7. Sweden

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Surrounded by water, Stockholm, Sweden is a small yet picturesque city, thus easily explored.  You can circle the city using a bicycle or observe the beautiful landmarks through kayaking.

Count your steps slowly as you immerse yourself among the cobblestone streets and ochre-coloured buildings in the old town of Gamla Stan. You can even have a short trip to the well-known Nobel Museum for a glimpse into the rich history of Nobel Prize.

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8. Taiwan

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Although not as popular as its neighbouring countries, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan is still a famous holiday spot for many solo travellers.

Other than being a safe country for any of you going for solo trips, it also presents a myriad of delicious food such as the stinky tofu and minced pork rice.

In addition, Taiwan has a few places which will definitely add more value to your trip, such as the Taipei 101, Orchid Island and Kenting National Park, all of which present breathtaking views.

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9. New Zealand

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New Zealand is not only a safe country with friendly people, it also offers great adventures. For those of you wanting to try out extreme sports, you can grab this opportunity to enjoy bungee jumping and skydiving with the added bonus of magnificent vast landscape.

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Meanwhile, for any of you not willing to be a daredevil, New Zealand still offers many lovely places such as Rotorua, known for its geothermal activity and Maori culture and Christchurch, popular for its English heritage.

10. Switzerland

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Switzerland is known as a country where its people are minding their own business. So you don’t have to worry about locals being a busybody. You can do your own stuff and bask in the atmosphere.

Furthermore, being a safe country, it is an extremely suitable country for any solo traveller starting out. Additionally, Switzerland also has many interesting places with beautiful views such as Interlaken and Grindelwald.

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Thus, to any of you planning to have your first solo travel, do choose one of these 10 destinations for your great adventure.

Of course, you will still need to take precautionary measures like ensuring you have copies of legal travelling documents, travel insurance, credit card and debit card for emergency as well as other relevant steps to prepare for any possibilities.

Original Article by Sante Ernest.

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