17 Popular Malaysian Slang Phrases

Malaysia is a unique country with different ethnics, cultures and religions. Due to this colourful tapestry, there are also many languages and dialects. When interacting with each other, voila, wonderful mix of local slangs is produced! Check how many of these words you know!

1. Bojio

It is used to describe the act of not inviting your friend to hang out. An example is ” You seem to enjoy your trip to India. Bojio.”

2. Walao/Walao eh

Its equivalent word is “seriously”. The example includes “Walao/Walao eh, even a Standard One student can do this!”

3. Macha

Meaning “brother”, it is often used when one is ordering food in mamak stalls.

4. Potong stim

Usually, it is used as “killjoy”. An incident which suits it goes, “We plan to have dinner, instead he asks us to work overtime. Such a killjoy.”

5. Dei

Generally, it is used when you see someone you know is doing something silly or clumsy. You see it in such situation: “Dei, use this route. That route is too far.”

6. Mat Salleh

Now, it refers to a white-skinned foreigner. An example will be this: “Hey, that Mat Salleh’s face has turned red from eating the spicy curry.”

7. Paiseh

On another note, this is an extremely useful word to be used in an embarrassing situation, such as: “Paiseh, my zip is opened, so embarrassing.”

8. Best

Normally, it is used by Malaysians in a wider context than its original meaning. Seen in a situation like this: “This shop is the best! The food is delicious.”

9. Bos

In addition, you can call anyone as “boss” to be on good terms with them in Malaysia. One may say, ” Bos, one kopi o.”

10. Cincai

Whenever you’re unsure about making any decision, you can just go, “Just cincai give me, as long as it costs RM10.”

11. Tapau

Next, this word means takeaway. An example would be, “Tapau nasi lemak, bos.”

12. Ah, Leh, Lo, Lah, Wor

On another note, these unique words are often used by Malaysians to bring flavours to speech. You’ll usually hear conversations like this, “Let it be like that lah. Are you alright ah?”

13. Jom

After that, this word means let’s go. On a general note, you can use it in this situation:

A: Eating?

B: Jom.

14. Syok

Syok, meanwhile, is often used to express satisfaction. Some Malaysians may say, “Syok to eat cake after dieting for long!”

15. Gostan

Yet another Malaysian slang, its meaning is to reverse the car. Malaysians will use it in such situation, “The shop is at the back. You’ve missed it, gostan.”

16. Pokai

This word means few or no money left to spend. Towards the end of the month, most Malaysians will say, “So many sales but I’m pokai right now.”

17. Tudia/Fuyoh

Last but not least, these words are often used to express admiration and surprise. A perfect example would sound like this, “Tudia/Fuyoh, such a huge portion.”

Original Article by Asmawi Hadzri.

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