8 Simple Detox Drink Recipes You Can Do In A Jiffy

We are Malaysians and we are proud of our food. Now that the Muslims are celebrating the Ramadan month, food is abundant, especially at the Ramadan bazaar. 

But, eating all those rich food can do some harm to your health. So, if you’re concerned about your health why don’t you try detoxifying your body? Detox helps to clean and remove toxins from your body. When you detox, your digestive system and kidneys will function better. Don’t wait anymore, try out these simple and quick detox drink recipes today!

1. Green Tea + Mint + Lime

a. 1 packet of green tea

b. 1 lime

c. 2 mint leaves

d. 1 glass of water

Image by fabfitfun.com.

Add all ingredients into the glass. Then, drink this detox water served warm or cold. After all, it speeds up the fat burning process and smoothens out the digestion process.

2. Strawberry + Kiwi + Mint

a. 1 kiwi – Slice it.

b. 2 strawberries – Cut into halves.

c. 3 mint leaves

d. 1 glass of water.

Mix all ingredients and then leave for a while in the fridge. This detox is suitable for those with anaemia. The reason is that strawberry, kiwi and mint support blood sugar level.

3. Cucumber + Lemon + Lime

a. 1/2 cucumber

b. 1 lemon

c. 1 lime

d. 1 jug of water

Image by salutelab.it

Slice all ingredients first. Afterwards, mix inside a jug containing 1 litre of water. Next, cool for a while in the fridge. This detox drink will lead to better digestion other than regulating your appetite. Even your skin will look nicer after drinking this.

4. Lime + Orange + Lemon

a. 1/2 lemon

b. 1/2 orange

c. 1/2 lime

d. 1 glass of water

You can choose to slice or just squeeze out the juices. After that, mix the ingredients inside a glass of water. The habit of drinking this detox drink will strengthen your body immune system.

5. Cucumber + Lemon + Ginger + Mint

a. 1 jug of water

b. 1/2 cucumber – Slice it.

c. 1/2 lemon – Slice it.

d. 7 mint leaves

Mix all ingredients in the jug of water. Then, keep it in the fridge for 2 -3 hours. This detox drink recipe will reduce the bloating in the stomach.

6. Green Apple + Red Apple + Cinnamon

a. 1 green apple

b. 1 red apple

c. 1 cinnamon stick

d. 1 jug of water

Image by 7-min.com.

Slice green apple and red apple. Once done, add all ingredients to a jug of water. Then, leave in the fridge for 1 hour.

7. Ginger + Lemon

a. 1/2 ginger

b. 1/2 lemon

c. 1 glass of water

First, squeeze the lemon juice and slice the ginger. Later, mix them into a glass of water. It is best to detox using this drink every morning as it is good for the digestive system.

8. Pineapple + Mint

a. 1/2 pineapple

b. 1 handful of mint

c. 1 jug of water

Image by pinterest.com.

Dice up the pineapple and then add into a jug of 1 litre of water. Next, add the handful of mint. After that,  just let it cool in the fridge for a night to ensure it is well-mixed. Drinking this will reduce inflammation and promotes good digestion.

Happy detox-ing to all of you!

Original Article by Sante Ernest.

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