Amazed By The Buildings With Designs That Defy The Law Of Physics?

Science, specifically Physics, has taught us how things work in this world. Typically, houses and buildings made out of solid bricks and cement walls are rectangular. Rigid, boring, but strong and easily maintained.

However, there are always some creative architects with inspirations to go against the conventional. As a result, we have these amazing buildings which their designs seem to be defying the law of physics.

1. Wisma Negeri @Seremban

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Following the architecture of traditional Minangkabau houses, Wisma Negeri has a roof that resembles the horns of buffaloes. Although this is the state secretariat building of Negeri Sembilan, it plays a role in spreading the culture of Minangkabau, one of the major ethnicity in the state.

2. The Leaning Tower @Teluk Intan

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Similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there is a Leaning Tower in Malaysia, known as Bangunan Condong. It seems as if the tower is countering gravity, slanted but staying strong without falling.

Also, it looks like a clock tower that has 8 storeys from the outside but only has 3 storeys inside.

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3. Lotus Temple @Delhi, India

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Lotus Temple is unique because of its modest and majestic flower-like design. Even though it is a temple, this place is opened to people of any religion, so everyone is welcomed to visit.

Surprisingly, the idea of this design is actually derived from the religious texts of Bahá’í, where it’s stated that a nine-sided circular shape is required for the House of Worship. Hence, they constructed the temple by imitating the shape of a lotus flower, which also symbolises peace and harmony.

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4. Milwaukee Art Museum @Wisconsin, US

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Not only famous for its looks, Milwaukee Art Museum is also well-known for what’s inside. As one of the largest museums in the US, it contains various fascinating paintings, sculptures, and artworks for its visitors.

With around 25,000 pieces of work in there, their collection ranges from 15th century to 20th-century origins.

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5. Guggenheim Museum @Bilbao

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Located in Spain, Guggenheim Museum features a contemporary art of both local and international artists. After being asked for a daring and innovative design, the architect decided to utilise random curves of the building to catch the light from around.

Other than that, it is also made to suit with the surrounding scenery in Spain,  especially the river that can present its clear reflection.


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