Are You A Fan Of These Top Homegrown Websites In Malaysia?

Now, with information available at your fingertip these days, don’t you just find your life becoming more convenient? You can compare product information online before buying them. Or else, straightaway shop for the competitive pricing online!

Other than that, you can also look up different content according to your interests. Certain websites also provide a diverse list of topics for you to scroll. Here, check out the top 3 homegrown websites attracting the majority of the Malaysians today!

On top of the list, this is the perfect website for you who want to find out about the car models in the Malaysian market. Reviews are available and you can decide for yourself whether to obtain the loan for that car model you’ve been checking out.


Next, if you always want to find out the latest trends, be sure to head to this website. Though most of the content is in Simplified Chinese, there are still a number of English article that you can check out.


Last but not least, this website is where most Malaysians obtain their staple news and fellow Malaysians’ views these days.

Information obtained from and as of September 19, 2018.

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