Are You Kidding? The Most Absurd Inventions In The World

Humans are always full of creativity. This is why we have scientific development and inventions to help us improve our lives. However, it seems like not all inventions are useful; some does not even make sense. These are some absurd inventions that we won’t understand:

1. Grass Flip Flops

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People would understand if you want to feel closer to nature, but why not just take off your shoes and step on the REAL grass? Maybe they’re for those who are staying in the dessert, because people can’t possibly be wearing slippers in Antarctica. Nonetheless, do check out their website if you’re interested~

2. Edible Spray Paint

Food won’t look delicious without some gold or silver paint! This invention would have a long-lasting survival in a rich man’s world, where people collect gold and silver for their value. But wait, food will be expired and they have to be eaten…

3. Egg Cuber

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No matter how you cook it, poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, sunny-side up, they’re all round. So if one day you feel like eating a cube egg, try cooking with this egg cuber.

4. Ostrich Pillow

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When you had a long day or you’ve travelled far, and you need a nice and quiet sleep, this ostrich pillow would be suitable. Under the circumstance that you don’t mind people staring, getting a comfortable sleep isolated from the outside world isn’t a problem.

5. Dimple-maker

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Although dimples are proved as a type of muscle defect, it is still desirable as they give us the cutest and brightest smile. Besides plastic surgery, you get the dimple-maker.

6. Collar Brush

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Children can be oblivious when it comes to cleanliness; thus, dirt accumulates around their necks. It can also be caused by an unhealthy diet, so this collar brush can be used for cleaning the neck. The reason is understandable, but the practicality and aesthetic quality are not promising.

7. Suspended Cage

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Perhaps those in the past are too desperate for their children to experience the outside world. A suspended cage, is for babies to chill outside of windows in apartments or rooms without a balcony or garden. Even if it doesn’t look like you’re caging your child, aren’t they worried about the babies’ safety?

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8. Alarm Fork

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This makes sense when we’re on a diet, because an alarm will definitely remind us when to stop. Nevertheless, it’s never too hard to find another fork when cravings arrive.

We must admit that these inventions are weird and absurd, but their creativity and courage to try new things are still admirable. It may not be popular at this time, but it may become the market’s best-seller in future. Who knows?


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