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Travel To These Must Visit Places In Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, another brilliant place for experiencing wonderful scenery, also has its must visit places. From historical buildings to dark blue sea, it is an island full of culture and natural beauty. 1. Salamanca Market In Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, lies the famous Salamanca market, which has over 300 stalls that operates every Saturday from […]

Konichiwa! Best & Affordable Japanese Food In Klang Valley

Since we had recommendations for Korean restaurants, we must be fair enough to list out some Japanese restaurants too! From sushi to bento and udon, Japanese cuisine also has so many irresistible dishes. Other than those with restaurant chains all over the world, you can also try out these few recommendations: 1. Hiroraki Udon @Kajang If […]

The Sports That Made Malaysians Proud

Other than having both the sporty Datuks, Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David as our proud country representatives for badminton and squash, we do have a lot of other sports winners and teams in other fields. With continuous effort and support, our athletes are improving and making more achievements for the country. 1. Diving In […]

How Does Your Daily Sugar Intake Affect Your Health?

Are you aware of your own sugar intake daily? Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes patients in Asia, and half of them don’t even know that they have diabetes until serious symptoms such as kidney failure and amputation occur. Most of our sugar intake comes from bottled drinks, such as soft drinks, soy milk, […]