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Watch Out Matcha Lovers!

Matcha desserts are renowned for its natural and refreshing sweetness with a subtle aftertaste of bitterness. Despite its health benefits, they certainly bring happiness to all the matcha lovers. So watch out, because here are a few traps for you: 1. Yume の Matcha Known as one of the hidden food treasures in Penang, the matcha […]

Rice Cooker Recipes for Lazy People

As a working adult living alone in the hustling and bustling city, we always look for convenience in meals especially after a long day at work. Most of the times, we end up buying food from convenient stores or dabao-ing dinner from nearby stalls. After a while, our health condition deteriorates due to the unhealthy […]

HOTEL ARTEMIS: Secret Hospital for Criminals

Moving towards the near future of Los Angeles, the movie HOTEL ARTEMIS illustrates the life of having a secret hospital for criminals. While the police try harder to deal with the staggering number of crimes, what they did not expect is this mysterious hideout that provides protection to criminals with membership. Jean Thomas, the nurse, […]