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From a desert that was only inhabited by the proud Bedouin, Dubai is now quickly turned into a metropolis. With its many skyscrapers, the city also dubbed as Vertical City, is an architect dream. Not just a dream, those who has ever stepped foot in the city knows that Dubai, the former sprawling humble desert […]

The Beautifully Preserved Traditional Malay Village

Kampong Morten is one of the oldest Malay traditional villages in Melaka opened in the 1920s. The village is now a major tourists attraction in the historic state. The traditional village or kampung in Malay can be enjoyed either by a cruise boat or taking part in a historical walk along the village for a […]

Dwayne Mission Now is To Save His Friends In RAMPAGE

The box office superstar Dwayne Johnson had shown that he is comfortable doing the adventure-comedy films, after his latest Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle overperformed with US$930 million gross collected worldwide in just two months. This time Dwayne is back into action movie theme with RAMPAGE, a film based on the 1980s video game. The […]