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From a desert that was only inhabited by the proud Bedouin, Dubai is now quickly turned into a metropolis. With its many skyscrapers, the city also dubbed as Vertical City, is an architect dream. Not just a dream, those who has ever stepped foot in the city knows that Dubai, the former sprawling humble desert […]

The Beautifully Preserved Traditional Malay Village

Kampong Morten is one of the oldest Malay traditional villages in Melaka opened in the 1920s. The village is now a major tourists attraction in the historic state. The traditional village or kampung in Malay can be enjoyed either by a cruise boat or taking part in a historical walk along the village for a […]

Cherana Putih, Best Hot Spring To Sooth Your Body And Mind

Soaking in a hot spring is beneficial to oneself. Not just it is good for relaxation, it is said that the sulphur can improve skin health, especially to those who suffer from chronic acne or eczema. Sulphur acts as a mild antiseptic that can help disinfect skin and at the same time can help exfoliation […]

Dwayne Mission Now is To Save His Friends In RAMPAGE

The box office superstar Dwayne Johnson had shown that he is comfortable doing the adventure-comedy films, after his latest Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle overperformed with US$930 million gross collected worldwide in just two months. This time Dwayne is back into action movie theme with RAMPAGE, a film based on the 1980s video game. The […]