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Which Is Your Favourite Local Movie?

Now, the year 2018 is coming to an end soon. This one year has seen many Malaysian films bringing up the quality of the local movie production. Of course, lest you forget that local films do qualify as great movies, check out the Malaysian movies which over the years have won over critics and public […]

Have You Eaten These Delicious East Asian Dumplings?

Made from flour dough, dumplings are undeniably one of the most popular comfort food for many East Asians. Whether you call it as mandu, gyoza or jiaozi, these dumplings will make you crave for it any time of the day. Scroll down to learn more about these delicious dumplings! SOUTH KOREA: MANDU Firstly, let’s begin with […]

Are You A Fan Of These Top Homegrown Websites In Malaysia?

Now, with information available at your fingertip these days, don’t you just find your life becoming more convenient? You can compare product information online before buying them. Or else, straightaway shop for the competitive pricing online! Other than that, you can also look up different content according to your interests. Certain websites also provide a […]

Comfort Soup Recipes Perfect For Malaysian Rainy Days

With the arrival of the rainy season in Malaysia, a warm dish or soup will certainly warm your stomach and even your heart. Check out these comfort soup recipes perfect for the rainy days now! You can even cook them for your dear ones as this year draws to an end. HERBAL TONIC CHICKEN SOUP […]

Travelling With Beringer Vineyards For A Wonderful Journey

Do you want to travel with your friends but don’t have the time? Neither do you want to plan? Beringer Vineyards has conducted a research in 5 ASEAN countries. They found that 94% of Malaysians yearn to travel and prefer to have a well-planned travel in order to enjoy their holidays. SINI KAKI will now […]

When HEILSTÄTTEN’s Horror Went Viral On Youtube

In Germany, you can find a few of the old sanatoriums existing since the First World War. The disused hospital complex often serves as the main places to treat fatal lung diseases. Even Hitler was treated here before he grew influential. Now, as with many abandoned buildings, you will not want to miss HEILSTÄTTEN, the German horror […]

Taron Egerton Is Back As The Vigilante Robin Hood

Are you a huge fan of Taron Egerton from the Kingsman series? If you are, expect to find yourself thrilled by his acting in the latest Robin Hood movie! The ever-popular classics of a lawless vigilante is back in the 2018 remake! Finally, Taron Egerton will take matters of helping the helpless in medieval times […]

Search For The Truth With The Keyboard Warriors

Have you ever dream of money notes falling from the sky? Now, this dream comes true for many people in the upcoming Keyboard Warriors movie. One day, suitcases of cash fall out of an armoured car onto the busy streets. Chaos ensues afterwards with many people on the streets greedily picking up the money. However, this […]