Banned Items in Foreign Countries

First of all, you must be careful of items you bring along to travel. There are some items that you are not allowed to bring in your luggage or carry on bags. Still, if you’re unsure just leave them at home or declare them at the customs at the airports to be on the safe side.

Certain countries that you are travelling to have a very strict inspection and regulations on items to carry in travel luggage. You can be fined even you accidentally brought prohibited or banned items along. 

So, don’t forget to save this list of items banned from countries!

1. Australia

First of all, DON’T EVER BRING your favourite Nescafe 3-in-1 or Maggi to Australia! They basically ban all products containing dairy and eggs. Even mooncakes containing egg yolk are prohibited.

2. Canada

Now, if you are going to Canada, do remember to bring along your prescription should you need your drugs outside allowed limit.

3. Europe

Next, even if you cannot live without your counterfeit Gucci and Puma, avoid bringing the banned items with you to Europe. Moreover, European Union countries also prohibit meat and dairy products to prevent disease transmission.

4. Japan

Meanwhile, if you’re flying to Japan, don’t stuff any counterfeit or pirated items within your luggage. The Japanese government also bans all books and printing materials with pornographic content. Remember to remove items containing near-extinct species and species of flora and fauna prohibited by Japanese laws.

5. South Korea

Similarly, South Korean government bans items made from near-extinct and protected species. As a note, examples include ivory and antlers made products as well as crocodile skin bags. Don’t forget to keep your securities, cash and bank cheques and postal orders safely at home as well! Furthermore, any items identified as cultural property and natural monument are also prohibited.

6. Malaysia

On the other hand, as you travel to Malaysia, verify that your cash are not counterfeit money. Additionally, any inappropriate and pornographic printed materials, paintings, sculptures, films, recordings, laser discs, slideshows and compact discs are banned as well.

7. Singapore

Now, when you plan to go to Singapore, DON’T BRING chewing gum. The Singaporean government bans it to ensure cleanliness in the country.

8. Thailand

After that, if Thailand is on your next list, make sure you don’t bring any anaesthetic, drugs, pornography, weapons and pirated items. In addition, any valuable items having serial number must be declared at the customs. Some examples are the laptop, camera, watch and camcorder.

9. The United States of America

Last but not least, DON’T BRING mooncakes containing egg yolks and any meat floss. You should also leave behind the thoughts of bringing any fresh meat and farm produces as well as any products containing them. Now, remember to check whether your prescription drugs are under the list approved by the US Drug Administration.

Original Article by Ivy.

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