It is almost every girl’s dream to be a princess. To dance the night away held closely by Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a big beautiful castle.

Well, who wouldn’t? The Cinderella fairytale taught us to have faith in our future. Regardless of the struggles that you are facing at the moment, just stay positive.

Cinderella is such a beloved fairytale and the Disney’s adaptation has been winning the hearts of thousands. Since the dawn of cinema, there have been countless adaptations of Cinderella in almost every genre.

The latest is the CINDERELLA AND THE SECRET PRINCE, an animated Cinderella story, but with another twist.

Our favourite protagonist is no longer portrayed as a damsel in distress that needs rescuing. CINDERELLA AND THE SECRET PRINCE is about empowerment.  In fact, this movie teaches our young princesses that the fairer gender can do whatever they want to do including saving their Prince Charming from the clutch of an evil witch.

CINDERELLA AND THE SECRET PRINCE still retains its original storyline. Like the original fairytale, Cinderella is living with her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. One day there the king is announcing that the royal family is organising a ball and everyone in the kingdom is invited to attend.

Cinderella wanted badly to attend the ball, and as the story goes, her stepmother forbidden her to go with them. But, with the help of an off-the-wall fairy godmother and rodent friends, Cinderella managed to arrive at the ball.

But, here is where the plot is twisted in the CINDERELLA AND THE SECRET PRINCE. At the palace, Cinderella accidentally found out a big secret that could shake the fairytale world. The Prince Charming was abducted by an evil witch and his place was taken over by a fraud!

Not just that, they also found out that the prince was transformed into a mouse!

Now, what a girl should do? Of course, our heroine could not just stand still, she has to save her Prince Charming. With the help from her furry friends, Cinderella sets out in an adventure to save the Prince.

CINDERELLA AND THE SECRET PRINCE is a wholesome movie for families to enjoy. If you are a fan of SINI KAKI, don’t forget to join our contest to win two tickets for the movie. Just watch out for the notification on our FB page.

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