Comfort Soup Recipes Perfect For Malaysian Rainy Days

With the arrival of the rainy season in Malaysia, a warm dish or soup will certainly warm your stomach and even your heart. Check out these comfort soup recipes perfect for the rainy days now! You can even cook them for your dear ones as this year draws to an end.



½ cup dried chestnuts, soaked overnight until softened

12.5 g American ginseng

5-6 large red dates (or a handful of small red dates)

500-800 g chicken, cut into quarters

2.5 L water


1. Scald chestnuts and red dates briefly, about 15-20 secs, in a pot of boiling water.

2. Remove and rinse under running water.

3. Transfer to a large heavy-based pot.

4. Scald chicken for 1 min in the same pot of boiling water to remove blood and impurities.

5. Remove chicken and rinse briefly under running water.

6. Place chicken in the pot, together with chestnuts and red dates.

7. Add water; it should be enough to cover the ingredients.

8. Bring to boil, then lower heat.

9. Simmer, with the lid slightly open, for 1½ hours.

10. Serve hot.



½ onion, diced
1 tbs vegetable or olive oil
3-4 cloves garlic, chopped
2 cups shiitake mushrooms, sliced
4 Roma or vine-ripened tomatoes, diced into 1-inch pieces
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp kosher salt, add more to taste
½ tsp fresh pepper, cracked
4 cups vegetable or chicken stock
1 tsp soy sauce (if using veggie stock)
230g firm tofu, cut into ¾ inch cubes
1 tbs tamarind paste (or tamarind concentrate) or sub lime juice
¼ cup cilantro, chopped
¼ cup chives or scallions, chopped


1. In a medium pot, heat oil over medium high heat

2. Add diced onions.

3. Saute until tender, stirring often, about 4 – 5 minutes.

4. Turn heat to medium, add garlic, and mushrooms.

5. Saute until mushrooms are just tender, about 3-4 more minutes.

6. Add tomatoes, sugar, salt and pepper.

7. Saute until tomatoes begin to melt, about 2-3 minutes.

8. Add stock and soy sauce (optional).

9. Add tofu and tamarind paste ( or lime juice).

10. Bring to a boil, and let simmer for 3-4 minutes.

11. Taste for balance. Add salt to taste.

12. Serve in a bowls with chopped cilantro and chives and chili flakes.



1 tablespoon bacon, finely chopped

4 tablespoons butter

1 medium onion, minced

1 clove garlic, minced

4 tablespoons all-purpose flour

4 cups clam stock

3/4 cup potatoes, (boiled), diced

1/4 cup sweet corn kernels

1 tablespoon celery, diced

1 tablespoon green bell pepper, diced

1 tablespoon bell pepper, diced

8 pieces shrimp, peeled and deveined

12 pieces manila clams (halaan), (from making clam stock)

1/2 cup heavy cream

salt, to taste

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1. In a heavy-bottomed stock pot, add bacon and render fat.

2. Add butter; sauté onions and garlic just until fragrant.

3. Add flour and mix into a paste.

4. Cook for 30 seconds.

5. Pour in clam stock a little at a time, stirring constantly to remove lumps and to make a smooth, thick soup.

6. Add the rest of the vegetables and seafood.

7. Cook for 5 minutes over low heat or just until the shrimps turn pink.

8. Add cream.

9. Season to taste with salt, pepper, thyme, and nutmeg.

10. Serve hot.

P.S. To make clam stock:

a. Simply place 1 kilo cleaned clams in a pot.

b. Add just enough water to cover the clams and bring to a boil.

c. Lower heat and continue cooking until the clams open up.

d. Strain the stock using cheesecloth and you’re good to go.


Enjoy and have a happy new year!

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