Crispy Mac & Cheese: You’ll Only Need 2 Ingredients

Anything with cheese is nice❤. Being a cheese lover, mac and cheese should be one of the top dishes in the list of favourite food.

Nonetheless, cooking mac and cheese can be quite troublesome. Here’s another option: Crispy Mac & Cheese!

With only 2 types of ingredients, macaroni and cheese powder, we’ll be able to catch a tasty snack that can satisfy our sudden cravings~

*For this recipe from Wann Rohani, Penne is used but any other types of pasta would do.

Step 1:

Image by Wann Rohani

Soak the macaroni in water for 45 minutes. There’s no need to boil it, but take note that the soaking time depends on the thickness and size of macaroni used.

Be careful not to leave it for too long or the pasta will become flabby; on the other hand, if you don’t want it to be too hard, soak it for a little longer.

The pile on the left is soaked, while the right pile is dry—Image by Wann Rohani

Step 2:

Image by Wann Rohani

Heat the oil and fry the pasta. Move them around with a slotted turner from time to time, so they won’t be stuck together.

Image by Wann Rohani

Step 3:

Image by Wann Rohani

Once they turn golden brown, toss them around using a strainer.

Step 4:

Image by Wann Rohani

Put the deep fried pasta into a covered container and add in cheese powder.

Lastly, shake, shake shake!

And your deep fried pasta chips is done!

Not only suitable for late night snacking, it’s also extremely convenient for serving your guests~

Image by Wann Rohani

Original Article by Sante.

Recipe by Wann Rohani.

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