Drop By Here To Meet These Beautiful Iconic Animals of Malaysia

Now, many of you would know that Malaysia has many tropical rainforests and beautiful islands and beaches. Do you know that you can also drop by at many tourist spots to meet the beautiful animals living in Malaysia’s nature? Check out these places you should go to meet these lovely iconic animals in person!

Lanchang, Pahang

First, head over to Kuala Gandah Conservation Centre for the gentle giant beasts. Most of the majestic elephants staying in this sanctuary are often orphans. Furthermore, this sanctuary by the Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks is just the perfect place for you to meet the elephants close up.

Langkawi, Kedah

Next, book a short trip to Langkawi for dolphin sighting. Many Malaysians still have no idea that we have marine mammals such as dolphins in our waters. On another note, just remember to find responsible tour operators who know how important it is to minimise the harm to the dolphins when you going on the boat.

Lundu, Sarawak

Meanwhile, most humans tend to love animals who resemble us in certain ways. Orangutan is an example of the beautiful animals many would like to see with their own eyes. Try going to Matang Wildlife Centre when you are in Kuching, Sarawak. For your information, this is a dedicated centre where endangered species, such as orangutans are rehabilitated and released into the forest.

Sandakan, Sabah

Afterwards, if you are in Sabah’s eastern parts, don’t forget to drop by Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Here, you can have a glimpse into the cute mascots, the sun bears. Located next to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, this is a wildlife conservation and research centre for improving animal welfare and rehabilitation of the Malayan sun bear.

Tioman, Pahang

Lastly, you can visit Tioman island for the charming creature of the sea, turtles. For a more informative and responsible trip, check out Juara Turtle Project. It is a project dedicated to the sea turtle conservation, research, education, and involvement.

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