Experience Fine Dining In A Luxurious Restaurant Car

Admit it, train travelling is the most romantic ride you have ever experienced. It is the most laidback travelling experience while enjoying the beautiful countryside scenery. And the clickety-clackety sound you hear when travelling by train sometimes can be hypnotising and lull you to sleep. 

However, do you know that some trains are now converted into luxurious restaurants for the passengers and tourists? The creators’ innovation and creativity have succeeded in redeeming the trains. Otherwise known as public transportation, check out these 10 unique restaurants and lodgings within trains from around the world.

1. The Spotgate Inn

Firstly, this restaurant is located in United Kingdom (UK). It once operated as a railway train under the Pullman transportation company. The train also transported passengers from one destination to another back in 1928.

Based on the concept of a restaurant in a deluxe hotel, it is equipped with extremely comfortable furniture. Passengers also will enjoy having meals in this restaurant. As you enjoy your meal, the occasional train sound effects will bring you down an imaginary train journey.

2. 1880 Town Diner

Next, this restaurant was once a Santa Fe train in the United States of America (USA) around 1950. The train initially connected Chicago to California. However, it has been renovated into a restaurant since the year 1982.

Image by 1880town.com.

The daily meals served here are the main reasons visitors keep returning. The scrumptious desserts such as creampies are the most popular among the many visitors to 1880 Town Diner.

3. Sahib Sindh Sultan

The third restaurant can be found in Hyderabad, India, offering Indian food. Visitors will also be fascinated with the creative beauty of the interior decoration. All of these serve to present the Indian culture. Among the well-loved dishes are mushroom masala and mutton kebab.

Image by justdial.com.

4. Le Wagon Bleu

On the other hand, Le Wagon Bleu is a restaurant built into the last carriage of Orient Express in Paris, France. Its interior design is also very interesting as it centres around the affluent Art Deco concept. All passengers can dine on the numerous Corsican dishes while travelling to Gare Saint-Lazare train station.

A netizen named Humberto Silveira who went before said, “The service is very good. I would suggest the delicious burger and the French fries.”

5. Carriages of Cambridge

After Michael Attle visited a restaurant within a train in India, he was inspired to create this restaurant. As he went back to United Kingdom (UK) in the 1920s, he started to design a train equipped with a restaurant. The restaurant even has a stone platform. The soothing tea aroma within this Pullman-like train carriage will certainly mesmerise you.

6. The Station Kitchen

The train railway track was destroyed around the year 1960. It is situated at the edge of the Old West Bay Station platform at the west of Dorset, England. Even then, there is still a 60-metre long railway track remaining and used as the train platform.

The interior design of the train is very posh and eye-catching. It even manages to attract the attention of the Broadchurch television series broadcasting company who uses the place as a shooting location.

7. Sporvejen

Meanwhile, Sporvejen is a restaurant within a tram in Denmark. Its interior design is based on the classical concept used once upon a time in Denmark from 1841 to 1884.

Once electric trains become prefered choice, the train service is ended due to the lack of support. In this restaurant, visitors can feast on the huge variety of burgers within a comfortable dining environment.

8. The Club Car at McKittrick Hotel

The dining area imitates a train in the 1930s. The curtains and low lightings used to create a nostalgic atmosphere attract many visitors who are in New York, USA.

Tourists who do not want to enjoy their meal in a train-like environment may also choose to dine in the dining hall. The dining hall is capable of sitting up to 120 people. Noteworthy is most of the dishes served here are seafood-based.

9. The Sidings Hotel & Restaurant

Another restaurant with Pullman design, The Sidings is located in York, UK. A former train lover has built it in the year 1985. Meanwhile, a part of the train carriages is converted into bedrooms. This allows the visitors to stay in a unique environment.

10. Toget Cafè

Lastly, the 10th restaurant is built across two train carriages in the middle of Norway. It only operates from April to October. Tourists can choose from a variety of meal dishes available here. Meanwhile, their specialities include fish soup and mashed potato.

Original Article by Nurul Fadhilah.

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