Experience Malaysia’s 1st Hyper Reality Entertainment Centre

Engage and explore Southeast Asia’s 1st Hyper Reality Entertainment Centre: EXA Oupost at SetiaWalk, where you will experience a 12 dimensional world.

Visitors can experience a fully immersive virtual reality experience that involves multi-players of four in a specially designed room.

The Gameplay:

Players named as recruits will venture into the game. A quick briefing and explanation of the missions will be given to the users, as well as safety regulations. Players will be equipped with high tech wearables consisting of backpacks, guns, headset, batteries and a charging system.

In a recent interview with Sini Kaki, Richard Lee, CEO of EXA Global said, “It is about engaging, teamwork and exploring the unique 12 dimensional world through the extraordinary ANGKAS system. Some of the unique features of this game is teleporting from one place to another, while players can even experience alien-like creatures crawling on their faces.”

Players will experience an enjoyable and breathtaking Hyper Reality gaming where they immerse themselves in a free roaming concept similar to movies to complete the mission.

Other than Outpost, EXA also offers VR arcade games with gadgets such as PS4. In order to participate in the game, the minimum requirement should not be below 140 centimetres.

The pre-opening promo is available until Hari Raya (Buy One FREE One). Visitors are able to obtain a pair of passes for RM 65 instead of the normal single pass price of RM 81.  EXA Oupost at SetiaWalk is one of the most cheapest and affordable in terms of pricing, hence value for the money.

He added, A lot of research and development has gone into this project. A VR development studio, (RND LAB) Research and development lab was formed to plan and test the system which is being used in the gameplay for a better gaming experience.”

The gaming content of EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk  is created and developed solely by EXA Global themselves. The content is constantly updated for a one-of-a-kind experience. They also cater to birthday parties, private bookings and for corporates with minimum booking of 20 pax,” said Lee.

There are plans for over 50 VR parks within Southeast Asia, so get ready to witness more VR park in the near future. He also added that at the end of the year (December), three more outlets are set to open within Malaysia.

EXA Outpost at SetiaWalk is under the management of EXA Global (Extra Dimensional Explorational Alliance), which is a subsidiary of Havson Group.

For more information, visit their official Website or Facebook page.

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