Freelance Jobs You Can Find To Support Yourself

Do you often find yourself facing constraint when budgeting? It’s likely due to poor financial management or having a low salary. Now, if your answer is the latter, have you thought of freelancing in your free time? You know that there is always free time by the time you leave the office to the time before you rest on the bed. Why not use this time to earn some extra bucks to ease your financial burden? Check out these freelance jobs that many would do in Malaysia to have side income.


First on the list is one of the part-time jobs which are high in demand nowadays. Writing is such a huge field, ranging from copywriting to creative writing. Many writers also create content and manage social media accounts too. Besides, academic and resume writing are other two huge potential areas you can work in.


Coming up next is the translation. Given our multi-lingual society, it’s difficult to deny the importance of translation. Video translation is huge in this aspect. Since Malaysians consume all kinds of entertainment programs from around the world, translators are needed for dubbing and subtitling videos from foreign languages into Malay, Chinese and English.

Other than that, there is also document translation as well as on-the-spot interpretation for official and business purposes too.


Of course, you can also choose to be a model or ambassador for brands and outlets too. This is a given if you have good looks, charming charisma and able to pose well with the products.

Photography & Video Shooting

On the other hand, if you prefer to stay behind the camera, why not try to be a part-time photographer or videographer? You can even start small by asking your family, friends and acquaintances to let you help out.

Arts & Design

Moreover, if you are good at arts and design, you basically have a key to a whole new world of freelancing. From designing images and logos to creating comic strips and paintings, many people often seek the help of those artistic people to do what they cannot do.

Some of you can even try to sell the handicrafts you have been doing for years to those seeking unique gifts.


Meanwhile, let’s don’t forget the continually growing field, sales. No matter what you are selling, there’s always a target audience who is ready to consume what you have.

From normal everyday products to property, you have many options to choose to specialise in. You can also learn to sell insurance and investment units as your part-time job.


Finally, if you love children, why not begin your freelance career by tutoring the children of someone you know? Many parents want their children to learn more and if you have the skills, they are willing to pay you.

The skills they look for may include piano and arts to languages and sciences.

As a reminder, do fully utilise the search engine and social media to search for that part-time job. Many potential employers often search for their freelancers through websites such as Jobstreet and Ricebowl as well. They sometimes seek help through social media, so be sure to inbox your Facebook friends when you are interested in any job posting. Bear in mind though, stay cautious to prevent being scammed.

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