Going On A Journey Of Writing A Journal

Writing is something you think is done by authors and copywriters. However, it’s something we can easily do too in our daily life. A wonderful example would be writing a journal.

After all, it takes a long journey to be there for yourself, in this case, through writing a journal or jotting down in your diaries. You learn to write down your feelings and thoughts and finally, to be more accepting your less-than-perfect self.


There are many benefits to writing a journal. Many studies found that writing could improve your mental and health states. Other than that, there is also the more practical side and creative help you get to have from building this new habit.

Moreover, you even get to relive the experience which you fear or are upset about. Still, this would not come with the stress which accompanied the experience previously. You will thus, be able to sort out your emotions and thoughts easily. On the other hand, a journal also reminds you of your accomplishments and mistakes. This function also enables you to learn to be a better person easily.

On the other hand, when humans’ thoughts and feelings often arise and die quickly in moments, a journal can help to memorize important information and brainstorm new ideas. Hence, you are likely to be more aware of your current state and this awareness will certainly bring you closer to your goals.


Of course, once you decide to start this journey, don’t forget to check out the main three different options available to you. Choose the medium which allows you to have a better experience and you know you will use it always, if not more often.

Paper Notebooks

First, you can choose the original way of doing it, using a paper notebook. Nowadays, even with the advanced technology, many people still enjoy writing using a pen on the papers. The feeling of holding your pen and the paper texture is a lovely experience for many who prefer penmanship.

Journaling and Diary Apps

On another note, if you like to jot things down conveniently, there are many apps out there which will suit you. Opt for the app with the theme you love and start your journal today. Examples of such apps are Penzu and Day One.


Last but not least, if you like to share your thoughts and emotions with family and friends, why not try out blogging? It would be perfect for you who have always enjoy sharing your memories, experience and stories.

Happy journal-ing from SINI KAKI!

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