Is The Technology In ‘Black Mirror’ Coming True?

If you have watched the famous Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’, you must have noticed the extremely mind-blowing advanced technology used in the series. It showed how convenient these technology has brought to humans, but also the darkness and disadvantages that came along with it.

The question is, are these technological tools coming true in our real world?

1. Memory Grain

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With a chip installed in the neck at the back of your ear, every detail of your personal memory can be saved. By using a tiny button called the Memory Grain, you can have countless playbacks on any screen near you.

Basically, anything you see will be recorded in the chip so nothing will be forgotten as you can track back on your ‘memory card’.

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2. Human clone/ Cookie

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In a few episodes of ‘Black Mirror’, there has been instances where human clones and cookies are created to replace the lost of a partner or to serve as a personal assistant. In both situations, the clones are entirely identical to the targeted person.

It may sound scary and intimidating, but it has helped the characters in many ways throughout the plot.

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3. Yelp On People

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Yelp normally give ratings for food and places, but in the series, it’s done on people. Give ratings to people, and the higher you get, the more privileges are given in life.

To live a good life, you’ll need good ratings from everyone around you. Everyone.

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4. Eye-tracking advertisements

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This is something that the marketing companies and advertisers would like. The eye-tracking advertisements can track your eye-movements, which will then stop playing if you close your eyes.

Hence, this means that you won’t be able to avoid any unwanted ads! Well, there is another option, to pay and skip the ads…

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5. Memory-Erasing Headbands

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In the series, this tool is used to torture a criminal. By erasing the criminal’s memory, the authorities pretend to chase after her and ‘try to kill her’. It repeats over and over again every day because she won’t be able to remember anything.

The existence of this tool, of course, can be used in a much more beneficial way; for example, erasing unwanted and unhappy memories in life. But when is the invention coming?

6. Mushroom Implant

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The mushroom implant is utilised for an exclusive gamer experience in ‘Black Mirror’. For games to be closer to real life, the mushroom implant is inserted into the back of the head to create a virtual vision.

The mind will be convinced that everything in front of that person’s eyes is real, but they’re all stories in their heads.


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