When It Is After You & Your Friends In Beddua: The Curse, Just Run!

It turns out that not just the Westerns and the Asians enjoy their own local horror movies. For your information, the latest Turkish homemade supernatural horror feature film BEDDUA: THE CURSE is a huge hit in Turkey. Thus, it currently ranks second at the box office and only stands second to the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

Furthermore, Alper Mestçi wrote and directed BEDDUA: THE CURSE, starring Beyzanur Mete, Gizem Takma, Esma Soysal. One viewer even claimed that this scary flick is even better than the Conjuring series!

To begin with, the cursed horror revolves around a long-term friendship between four friends. Bear in mind that, having best friends by your side is always a great thing to have in life! Just not this time, where the strong friendship between Melek, Burcu, Eda and Ayla are put to test.

After meeting a shaman who goes by the name Havel, their lives are going to change forever. After all, who would have to know that the meeting of four high school mates since their graduation ages ago will lead to this frightening event?

Although they have not drifted apart, who can predict which of them will survive the deadly haunting at the foot of Mount Uludağ? So, watch the movie to find out the truth behind as the young girls come face to face with the scary curse in Bursa, Turkey.

Now,  BEDDUA: THE CURSE‘s release in Turkey was on June 15, 2018. Over there, it is known as Üç Harfliler: Beddua in the Turkish language. However, you will watch the cursed premise in Turkish with English subtitles in Malaysia.

Finally, be sure to catch the curse as it seeks its next victims when BEDDUA: THE CURSE rolls nationwide on 4 October 2018! Of course, don’t forget to head over to our Facebook page SINI KAKI to have a chance of winning the FREE PREMIERE tickets to watch BEDDUA: THE CURSE.

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