Kuntilanak Is Back To Haunt You In Cinemas

After the success of the Kuntilanak trilogy in Indonesia, director Rizal Mantovani is filming the updated version of the popular horror film.

If you think that this is a standalone Kuntilanak movie, find yourself wrong as a certain mirror reminds you of the wildly acclaimed horror trilogy. Written by Alim Sudio, the latest Kuntilanak entices horror movie lovers with its traditional folklore.

Kuntilanak, or more commonly known as pontianak in Malaysia, is a female ghost. It is actually a spirit of the woman who died while pregnant or when giving birth. Usually, this creature is vampiric and slashes victims with its long nails.

You can avoid it by turning away from a beautiful woman walking alone with the flowery scent at night. Dogs will also whine or bark when the creature is nearby. Don’t worry if you heard a loud baby-like cry, it means the creature is far away from you. But run away fast if you heard a soft cry!

On the other hand, the locals say Kuntilanak also catches children away to feed on their soul. This time, Kuntilanak is back for another horror flick after escaping from an old mirror. The story revolves around five innocent children as they try to win a reality show.

Lo and behold, of all things they have to do, it seems filming the evidence that Kuntilanak exists is the only way to secure their winning chance.

However, unbeknownst to them, a scary creature has set its sight on these yummy, I meant, naive children. Expect a spooky ride as the namesake creature hunts and haunts them.

For your information, young child actors are joining their older counterparts to scare the hell out of you. They are Andryan Sulaiman Bima (Kresna), Sandrinna Michelle Skornicki (Dinda), Adlu Fahrezy (Panji), Ali Fikri (Miko), Ciara Brosnan (Ambar) and Naufal Ho (Anjas).

Meanwhile, Aurelie Moeremans, an Indonesian artist and model born in Belgium, leads the adult cast in the movie as Lydia.

Kuntilanak is released nationwide on June 15th. So, remember to mark the date on your calendar to date this feisty creature!

Finally, don’t forget to find out more at our Facebook Page Sini Kaki for a chance to grab one of the free tickets available to be scared by Kuntilanak!

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