Laugh At The Twists And Turns In Hotel Soul Good

Now, having a great career and a loving partner would make you a successful person. However, what if one day, you lost all of these at the same time? Urgh, there’s no way anyone can handle the world crashing down suddenly! Still, that’s what Katie Mei Qi has to face when she lost her job and boyfriend in Hotel Soul Good. In the end, she joins John as they manage a hotel with the help of the 3 elderly ghosts!

For your information, this Cantonese comedy movie aims to scare you to a laughing death, not joking here! Directed by Yan Pak Wing, Hotel Soul Good‘s acting cast includes  Chrissie Chau, Louis Cheung, Eric Kot, Maggie Siu and Richard Ng.

Meanwhile, the main plot in the movie revolves around the life of an orphan, Katie Mei Qi who grew up in the orphanage. Thus, as she grows up, her dream is to become a successful person one day.

Yet, all of a sudden, she lost her boyfriend and her job to her best friend. After that friend’s betrayal, some meteors’ fragments hit her accidentally. Even worst, her heart actually stopped beating for 7 minutes. Talk about bad luck!

On another note, this extra little incident then led to her being able to see 3 ghosts. In reality, the old man (Richard Ng), a middle-aged Ah Fai (Eric Kot) and an auntie Ah Yan (Maggie Shiu) are just elderly ghosts who need Katie’s help in Hotel Soul Good.  Soon, it turned out that Mei Qi has to help them to fulfil their wishes! Only then they will be able to move on and be reincarnated.

Later, the fraud spirit catcher, John entered the picture and somehow, in a twist of fate, he became the medium for the ghosts instead! Moreover, when he came with a hotel, Mei Qi happily took over and renamed the hotel as B4 I Die. And that’s when the real work started! Supposedly, the theme hotel is to scare and also to bring happiness to all its customers, isn’t that is cool?

All in all, remember to catch the show to find out whether Mei Qi successfully manages the unique hotel and send the ghosts to next lifetime or not! Hotel Soul Good will be released nationwide in Malaysia this coming 18 October. Of course, if you want to watch Hotel Soul Good earlier than your peers, check us out at our Facebook page for free premiere tickets!

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