Literally A ‘Durian Runtuh’ For Malaysians. Price of Durians Are Coming Down!

Malaysians aren’t complete without durians. However, with the increasing price based on its weight, people are starting to lose interest. Well don’t worry, because the price of durians has dropped recently.

According to The Star, there is now an abundant supply for durians due to the fasting month (and possibly the expensive prices).  So go and get them now while they are still cheap!

Before that, you might want to get familiar with the common types of durian to avoid getting conned.

1. Musang King/ ‘Mao Shan Wang’

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This is one of the most famous types of durians known for its bittersweet and creamy taste. Nevertheless, its rich taste can be a bit too strong after consuming a particular amount.

The flesh is golden yellow in colour, and it has a prominent star shape on the bottom.

2. Black Thorn

Black Thorn started to gain popularity since its winning over Musang King at a durian competition in Penang a few years ago. Other than having dark-coloured thorns, it has pale orange flesh that is sweeter but it is not as creamy as Musang King.

3. Red Prawn

Also known as Ang Heh, Red Prawn is named after its orange flesh with a hint of red shade. It has a sticky texture and is normally sweet if it’s from younger trees.

4. XO

Just like its name, it contains a fermented alcoholic taste. A bit bitter, sometimes a bit sour, the flesh is commonly pale yellowish. Also, it is soft, watery and harder to hold.

5. D24

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One of the ‘hot’ breeds in the 1990s, D24 is also classified as high-class, like Musang King. Similarly, it has a rich bittersweet taste but is not as expensive as the Musang King. The flesh should be yellowish too, but darker than XO.

6. Golden Phoenix

The Mandarin name for Golden Phoenix is Jin Feng, and it has a stronger scent compared to others. Originally discovered in Johor, they tend to have smaller seeds and sharper, thinner thorns.

7. Black Pearl

The name of this durian is derived from the greyish flesh, resembling the colour of pearls. It has smaller seeds, but also lesser flesh compared to other breeds.

8. Durian Tracka/ Durian Bamboo/ Durian Queen

From its nickname as the queen of durians, we can possibly guess that Durian Tracka/Bamboo is the first runner-up lined behind Musang King. Besides having an odd shape, less bitterness and a lighter yellow-coloured flesh are its main characteristics.

Nevertheless, this type is not as easily seen around the durian stalls.

9. Durian Kampung/ Durian Asli

Cheapest among all, Durian Kampung/Asli is more of a bet as there is no guaranteed sweet or bitter taste. They are more frequently seen in a huge pile in baskets.

There are of course a lot of other varieties that are not included here, but we should be entirely grateful for all the durians here, because they can cost RM300 in Hong Kong’s fruit market!


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