Official Debut of KITKAT Ruby Chocolate In Malaysia

KITKAT lovers and chocolate fans finally get to have a taste of the all-new naturally Pink Ruby Chocolate as KITKAT Ruby’s arrival in Malaysia as the 4th chocolate flavour and also the newest alternative chocolate at the KITKAT Chocolatory in Mid Valley.


Many guest were invited to the event. The event started off with a tour, showcasing the history of the dark, milk and white chocolate and the recent Ruby chocolate. KITKAT was the first chocolate company brand to ever use the Ruby chocolate sensation worldwide which was made by Swiss chocolate and cocoa processor Barry Callebaut. These Ruby cocoa are specially selected and can be found in major cocoa-growing regions including Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil.

The guests were told to try the KITKAT Milk Tea flavour and Rose Bandung flavour and give their opinions on which taste better. As an advice, try the KITKAT Milk Tea flavour first before the Rose Bandung as the KITKAT Rose Bandung has a very robust flavour which will cover the Milk Tea flavoured KITKAT.

Mr. Sachin mention, “KITKAT is the leading chocolate in Malaysia but many Malaysians are not aware that the delicious KITKAT is proudly made in Malaysia.” He also added, “Many of the KITKAT are produced here in the factory at Chembong, Negeri Sembilan.” KITKAT also exports chocolates to 14 other countries globally. KITKAT is the world first confectionery brand which is made by 100% sustainable source of cocoa. KITKAT also launched the first ever customize chocolate experience in Malaysia which is the KITKAT Chocolatory store, the only one in Malaysia.

Chef Andy den Broeck was present at the launch of the KITKAT Ruby chocolate. With the open concept kitchen, the creative Belgian chef working alongside with Mr. Cheah demonstrate the right steps in making the Ruby chocolate such as moulding, filling, closing and de-moulding.

The history of chocolate started as Hernán Cortés sets up the 1st cocoa plantation in the year 1519 and imported 1sy cocoa beans to Spain. Ever since then people started to consume cocoa in a form of cocoa drink. Cocoa trees produces cocoa pods which contains cocoa beans on the inside. The cocoa beans are later harvested from the cocoa pods and fermented. After fermenting, the cocoa beans are put into an infrared drum to loosen the shell. The deshelled broken beans also known as nibs, are roasted and later ground to produce cocoa liquor. The pressing of the liquor separates out the fat, resulting in cocoa butter and cocoa cakes.

GOEL (middle) accompanied by Chef Andy den Broeck (left) and Cheah Keng Kee during the launch of the KitKat Ruby chocolate.

The main person of the event was Mr. Sachin Goel, Business Executive Officer of Confectionery Business Unit (ASEAN Markets), Nestlé Malaysia and non other than Chef Andy den Broeck, Senior Technical Advisor, Product Development of Barry Callebaut in Asia Pacific.



Venue: Mid Valley Megamall (Near Aeon, F048, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan)

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