RM10 Challenge at Ramadan Bazaar in Kuala Lumpur

As Raya is just a day away, it marks the end of Pasar Ramadan or Ramadan Bazaar in Malaysia.

Every year, for a month, these special food markets are everywhere, selling all sort of scrumptious food, both the traditional and modern versions. They are opened as early as 3 PM every day, until the breaking fast at around 7:20 PM.

All these markets, or fondly known as Param (Pasar Ramadan) is a hit among the busy Muslims who are looking for cooked-meal for their berbuka, they are also popular among other races and religions who love Malaysian food. After all, these delicious food are sometimes only easily available during the fasting month.

Known for their variety of food sold, you can even find other items for Raya shopping such as Malay traditional clothes especially at the one in Jalan TAR Bazaar. The foods are not just tasty, sometimes they are cheap too. You just have to know where to find them.

For this Ramadan, SINI KAKI challenged ourselves to look for tasty AND cheap food. We went to 3 different bazaars and spent less than RM10 to buy a meal each! Check out what we bought at these three bazaars:

1. Pantai Dalam

First on the list is the bazaar at Pantai Dalam. This spacious Ramadan bazaar is located along Jalan Pantai Permai 2. You can opt for any of the variously assorted kuih sold there. Don’t forget to check out the ayam percik and ayam golek as well.

Set 1:

Roti Jala – RM2

Samosa – RM1

Teh Bunga (chrysanthemum tea) – RM3

Total Spent: RM6.00

Image by rotinrice.com.

Set 2:

Murtabak AyamRM3

Roti BoomRM1

Soy Milk – RM2 

Total Spent: RM6.00

2. Jalan TAR

Second on the list is the bazaar situated along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. You can take LRT and disembark at Masjid Jamek station and it is a few minutes walk to the bazaar.  Apart from being a popular food bazaar, Jalan TAR is always the top shopping spot for Malaysians.

While the Muslims would flock the area to do their Raya shopping, the area is also famous among the Indians who would come here to do their Deepavali shopping. No wonder the food choices include Malay mixed rice and Muslim Indian snacks.

Set 1:

2 Samosas – RM1.60

Rojak PasemburRM4.00

Cincau LonganRM3.00

Total Spent: RM8.60 

Image by myselera.com.

Set 2:

Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah (steamed rice with marinated chicken) – RM6.50

Deep Fried Breaded Egg – RM1.00

2 Deep Fried Breaded Green Chillies – RM1.00

Total Spent: RM8.50 

3.  Kampung Baru

Last but not the least, we also went to one of the more popular bazaars at Kampung Baru. Located just down the road from Kampung Baru LRT station, this bazaar is in the middle of the old Malay town.

Along Jalan Raja Muda Musa, you can find many foods being sold, especially those from the east coast such as nasi kerabu and nasi dagang. You can also check out their unique offers such as Roti Mcgyver and Kebab Kukus.

Set 1:

Kebab Kukus (Steamed Kebab-stuffed Bread) – RM4.00

5 Assorted Kuihs – RM2.00

Soy Milk – RM2.00

Total Spent: RM8.00

Image by says.com.

Set 2:

Nasi Ayam Goreng KunyitRM5.00

Tau Fu Fah (soybean curd) – RM2.00

2 Green Chillies & Potatoes Rissoles – RM1.00

Teh Bunga (Chrysanthemum Tea) – RM1.00

Total Spent: RM9.00

Image by rebeccasaw.com.

Set 3:

Kebab – RM5.00

2 Green Chillies & Potatoes Rissoles – RM1.00

Iced Lemon Tea – RM2.00

Total Spent: RM8.00

Image by fakt.pl.

Can you believe how much food we can get for just under RM10?

Given the rising cost of living, Ramadan bazaar is certainly the best place to head to for an affordable full meal!

Don’t forget to go to bazaars every year for a satisfying dinner!

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