Search For The Truth With The Keyboard Warriors

Have you ever dream of money notes falling from the sky? Now, this dream comes true for many people in the upcoming Keyboard Warriors movie. One day, suitcases of cash fall out of an armoured car onto the busy streets. Chaos ensues afterwards with many people on the streets greedily picking up the money. However, this seemingly wonderful scenario has more than meets the eye.

Directed by Sit Ho Ching and distributed by TGV Pictures, Keyboard Warriors is a Cantonese film with subtitles provided in both English and Chinese. Meanwhile, the acting cast includes names such as Stephy Tang, Grace Chan, Lam Yiu Sing and Yau Hawk Sau.

First, let’s check out the comedy plot which revolves around typical loner Jay Kwan and his friend Ang Ray. After witnessing an odd incident, they go on the Golden Forum to ask the ‘search team’ to look into it.

So, what is the strange criminal incident in Keyboard Warriors? It’s actually a wonderful experience for those involved! After all, many suitcases of cash fall out of an armoured car onto the busy streets. Naturally, everyone is more than happy to join the frenzy of collecting free cash.

Soon, Jay and his friend are joined by a beautiful female friend. Moreover, the policewoman Nancy O soon enters their team to help with their investigation. Besides, her materialistic younger sister, Grace even tags along in the search for the truth in Keyboard Warriors.

Still, the police decide to disband the team as they think that it is purely an accident. Furthermore, it’s difficult to search back the money lost in the case. Unfortunately, when the decision is confirmed, the team’s digging takes a new turn and there is certainly something which is more than meets the eye.

For your information, Keyboard Warriors will be released nationwide in Malaysia on 15 November 2018. If you want to watch the movie, be sure to head to our SINI KAKI Facebook page! You will be able to win a pair of free tickets to watch its premiere when you join the giveaway contest.

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