Take A Break In The Middle Of 2018

It has been a long week and half of the 2018 year is coming to an end soon. Ever thought of taking a break? Perhaps in the peaceful environment with trees and soothing sounds of nature? Imagine that as you stroll leisurely down the path, the cool breeze blows against your face. Is it not a lovely experience?

Here, SINI KAKI would like to introduce you to Fraser’s Hills for those wanting a short getaway to celebrate the past half year in 2018. With the beautiful scenery, cool weather and wonderful nature, you’re guaranteed to refresh and recharge yourself for the bottom half of 2018!

Now, Fraser’s Hills is a tourist spot at more than 1500 metre from sea level. You can expect fog to come in anytime even during the day!

To reach there, the best option is to drive a car. Though you have to remember to fill your fuel tank as there is no petrol station at the top of the hill. You can, however, buy petrol supplies from shops there with expensive price. To go up the hill, drivers use the old Gap road, while for those going down, a new road is used.

Image by alchemyrider.me.

Come to think about it, there must be an attractive reason behind all the major local companies and state governments building their getaway bungalows there. I would suggest that the cool weather and picturesque calming scenery are the main factors.

From Singaporean House (yes, that’s Singaporean government-owned) and Istana Pelangi (belonged to Pahang royal family), there are also Maybank Lodge and Muar Cottage (for New Straits Times employees only).

Some of these lavish yet cosy bungalows can actually be rented by you as well. You can check this blog for more information.

On the other hand, there’re plenty of non-bungalow accommodations to choose from as well.

From Silverpark Resort budget apartments to Ye Olde Smokehouse boutique resort, you’ll find certainly one which suits your budget for a short weekend getaway.

There’s basically not much of a nightlife in Fraser’s Hills. Still, you get a range of choices for food. You can opt for Malaysian fare at the hawkers’ stalls at Food Court or dine at one of the few restaurants available at higher pricing.

Bird Interpretive Center

First, you can head here for the famous bird watching activity. You can learn more about the birds found, ranging over 250 species of birds, including hornbills, doves, pheasants, eagles and other endemic species.

Strawberry Farm

Second, there is the ever-popular strawberry farm, located within Taman Flora Bukit Fraser (Fraser Hill Garden Center). This is an agricultural centre situated next to Allan’s Water. The centre specialises more in ornamental plants and vegetables for retail.

Jeriau Waterfall

Third, you can go to this waterfall located 4km away from Bukit Fraser’s town centre.  After a five to eight minute walk, the path breaks to a steep descent by steps to the main falls.

Nature Trails

Next, there are 8 nature trails you can hike to be even closer to nature. You can observe many birds in the early morning and late evening.

Image by Li Pei.

If you do not know the names of plants, you can refer to the information signs placed at the beginning and along your hiking route.

Image by Li Pei.

Close to Silverpark Resort are two trails, the Hemnant Trail and the Bishop Trail. Hemnant Trail is one of the easy trails.

Image by Li Pei.

Its length is 1 km and has a moderate ascent for the first quarter and level for the rest. The hike skirts along the edges of the Fraser’s Hill Golf Course.

On the other hand,  named after Reverend CJ Ferguson-Davie from Singapore, Bishop trail begins from his cottage leading to neighbouring bungalows Muar and Cicely.

Ferguson was the one who rediscovered Fraser’s Hill in 1917 while looking for his friend who has gone missing in 1915, the original founder Louis James Fraser.

Allan’s Water

After that, there is the Allan’s Water. This is a small lake in a little nook before Jelai Highland Resort. It was previously a reservoir that fell into disuse over the years. Now, you can enjoy some recreational activities and paddle boating at the park.


Meanwhile, this is an equestrian centre for horse-riding activities in Bukit Fraser. At cheap rates, tourists can ride retired racing horses around a small course while being guided by a local keeper. The Paddock is located along Valley Road just before the Glen Bungalow roundabout.

Personally, I would suggest you drop by a greenhouse to shop for some cute bonsais! You can buy 3 for RM10 at the time of writing. My friends and I mistook it for a lovely glasshouse cafe but it’s still a pleasant surprise given its wonderful ambience.

Image by Li Pei.

One friend bought some simple gardening tools as well, while another bought 4 of the adorable miniature plants. We have forgotten to ask for the name but it is located by the road once you passed the post office. You would not miss it given the elegant glasshouse structure is on top of a small hill.

Image by Li Pei.

Last but not least, other than going to the tourist hotspots, you can even have a nice steaming steamboat dinner in the cool weather. Some accommodations even provide you with facilities to have BBQ gathering!

Best of all, with no distraction, it’s time to rest and recharge yourself. You can also just have a short chat with family and friends over a cup of hot tea while looking out the balcony at the magnificent view.

Image by Li Pei.

All the best for your coming 6 months of 2018!

Images from fraserhill.info and visitmalaysia.info unless stated otherwise.

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