These Are Perfect For A Short Getaway From KL

Have you been to any of the fishing villages in Malaysia? Recently, these traditional villages have been experiencing tourism boom among the locals. With Insta-worthy scenery and relaxed lifestyle, these fishing villages are perfect for your next weekend getaway from KL! From the fresh seafood to the unique homestays, your short trip at any of these fishing villages will surely be memorable.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a peaceful retreat, why not check out SINI KAKI’s list?

1. Tanjung Sepat

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Tanjung Sepat is around one hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Famous for its delicious local food, the village is not big. Only three main roads connect the whole of this fishing village. Hence, the villagers usually move around riding motorcycles.

In this fishing village, you must first head to the Ganofarm Homestay to learn more about the mushroom farming. You can observe the farming of mushrooms such as lingzhi, oyster mushroom and black fungus.

Now, among the must-try food here include Hai Yew Heng Bakery buns, seafood version of bah kut teh (Chinese herbal soup cooked with pork ribs), and seafood mee hoon kueh (Chinese hand-pulled noodle soup).

Meanwhile, if you want to buy some local products, you can go to Qingren Qiao Products Shop. Nearby, there is the popular rainbow bridge for you to pose for Instagram.

How To Go: By driving there. Or, you can also take ERL from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Salak Tinggi. Once arrived at Salak Tinggi, take the free yellow bus to reach here.

2. Sekinchan

Next on the list is the ever-popular Sekinchan. Known for its paddy fields and fishing village, you’d basically get the best of both worlds here. The rice produced here is well-known while the seafood is even legendary. Huge crowds of tourists often come here for its seafood and great scenery.

For your information, the seafood restaurants here are different from that in the city. They serve delicious seafood such as shark meat porridge, cuttlefish cooked with salty egg and crab cooked with salt.

But there are certainly plenty other options as well! All these are fresh seafood unseen in the city. Moreover, the side dishes here are also highly recommended.

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Therefore, at Sekinchan, it’s said that if you want rice, you can have rice; if you want just fish, you can have fish. The lifestyle here is very laid back but self-sustained. Adding in the abundance of resources, beautiful scenery and peaceful life, it’s no wonder the place is such a hot spot.

How To Go: Driving or you can take the bus from Kuala Lumpur’s Puduraya station to Tanjung Karang. When you’re in Tanjung Karang, book a taxi to reach your destination.

3. Pulau Ketam

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Last but not least, is the fishing village at Pulau Ketam. The main residents here are mostly of Teochew communities. Most of them are fishermen and stay on the houses on top of mudflats. This simple lifestyle is definitely a blessing indeed.

Since it is known as “Crab Island”, of course, you’ll find many crabs here! Can you eat them? Actually not, as these small crabs mainly stay inside the mudflats beneath the houses. Their neighbours include whelks and sea snakes. Thus, the children of Pulau Ketam always play a game, which is to catch the crabs. Once you try it, you’ll be addicted to this game of challenging your ability to fight with the crabs!

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Although the island is not that big, they have good facilities. There are even a lot of seafood restaurants in front of the stilt houses. A bank, a shop and a grocery can also be found here. Along the way, you can find different snacks. One of the famous dishes here is the Kung Pao prawns, which definitely goes well with the rice!

How To Go: You can drive here. Else, you can take the KTM to Port Klang. Afterwards, you can just ride a boat to head here. Once you reach here, you’ll see the 7A jetty of Pulau Keta. For more information on the boats, go to this website:

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