These Dresses Are Essential For A Woman’s Wardrobe

Dresses are some of the most important fashion pieces a woman can own. After all, the dresses can easily be paired with different types of accessories to create new looks. Do you know which dresses a woman should have in her wardrobe? Check out SINI KAKI‘s list of versatile dresses which all women should have in their wardrobe!

1. Little Black Dress (LBD)

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The first and most essential dress has to be the iconic LBD. You can easily wear it to any occasion by changing the accessories you wear.

2. White Dress

Next is another versatile coloured dress. There is a huge selection of white dresses out there.

From lace to chic, you will certainly find one which suits your style.

3. Red Dress/Date Night Dress

A red dress is one of the best date night dress out there.

Once you find the perfect shade of red which complements your skin tone, this will be that one piece of dress you will always find yourself wearing for your dates.

4. Summer Dress

Now, who can forget the ever important summer dress? The bright vibes it gives off is the best style you can have on a sunny day.

Choose from strappy to backless, from floral to polka dots, this is the dress for you to show off your vibrant side!

5. Wedding Guest Dress

After that, a must-have dress is the classic wedding guest dress.

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Opt for neutral colours such as beige or wear either LBD, LWD or LRD.

6. Casual Dress

Don’t forget how casual dress will boost your fashion wardrobe.

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Be it the army look and hooded dress or the classic jeans and warm knitted dress, you will be spoilt for choices.

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Of course, there is also the slip dress which is making coming back as another essential casual piece.

7. Shirt Dress

From work to play, you can rest assured that shirt dress will hype you up for any occasion.

8. Black Tie Dress

In addition, never forget to have that glamorous evening gown for you to shine like a star in a black-tie event.

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9. Blue Dress/Social Event Dress

Meanwhile, unlike LBD and likes, the blue dress is often overlooked.

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Actually, that blue-shaded dress will be a stylish yet conservative option for any social event you are attending.

10. Layer Dress

Here comes the current trending dress, the dress perfect for layering.

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From pinafore to Korean style and from dungaree to shift dress, any shirts, blouses and leggings you have will be just right to go with these dresses.

11. Wrap Dress

On the other hand, who can ever overlook that piece of dress which shows how confident you are with your body?

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Wrap dress or the alternative, the bodycon dress will surely shout out your confidence to the world.

12. Work Dress

Last but not least, always make sure you have that one piece of dress you know going to make an impact in interviews and meetings.

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