Top 3 Comfort Food For Malaysian Egg Lovers

Are you an egg lover? Can you have your meal without any eggs? Now, which is the best way to consume an egg? Sunnyside up or poached, hard-boiled or scrambled, you can be sure that many people have different preference on how to cook the yummy eggs.

As a Malaysian, you’d be spoilt with these eggy comfort food which you can easily find everywhere. Check them out!

Roti Canai Telur

First is the easily available meal at any mamak stall. If you love eggs, you would enjoy the delicious texture and taste brought by the eggs to this wonderful roti canai.

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Moreover, the sinfully tasty combo is best eaten with the curry, dhal curry and sambal. The fluffy and chewy Indian flatbread is definitely a comfort food for you who loves to eat eggs.

Sambal Telur

Second on the list is the ever-versatile sambal telur. Other than pairing it with noodles and rice dishes, it’s perfect to be eaten on its own. The spicy sambal with hints of sweetness complement the savoury taste of the hard-boiled eggs.

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What’s more, this is a great dish which can easily be cooked up by anyone in your own home kitchen. Besides, the variety of sambal which accompanies the eggs often differs according to personal preferences. You can thus be sure that no two of the sambal telur you have are the same.

Kopitiam Soft Boiled Egg

Last but not least, let’s not forget the ever popular breakfast in the kopitiams. The soft boiled eggs are best eaten with pepper and soy sauce. In addition, it’s always fun to choose how much seasonings you have with your smooth and runny eggs.

Usually, this is a dish best served when the eggs are stirred together with the seasonings added. Slurp on it like there’s no tomorrow, perfect for anyone who loves having half boiled eggs!

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