Travelling With Beringer Vineyards For A Wonderful Journey

Do you want to travel with your friends but don’t have the time? Neither do you want to plan?

Beringer Vineyards has conducted a research in 5 ASEAN countries. They found that 94% of Malaysians yearn to travel and prefer to have a well-planned travel in order to enjoy their holidays. SINI KAKI will now share with you some tips to fully immerse yourself in the travelling atmosphere.

These great tips are shared by the beautiful lifestyle expert, Levy Li. In order to promote the latest white wine and red wine selection, an event is held at the 6 Senses Gastrobar. Beringer Winderlust Dinner is a great opportunity for many of you who like travelling! You can research well about wines before you travel, especially if you follow Beringer Vineyards’ Wine Map. It would certainly make the trip unforgettable!

Beringer Vineyards were founded by two brothers, Jacob and Frederick Beringer in 1876. The vineyards are now the world’s renowned wine brand and have achieved many firsts. Besides, they are the only vineyard to have their white wine and red wine receiving Annual Wine Award.

This time, Beringer Winderlust is here to present the two greatest wine selections for your travel lifestyle, Founders Estate Series.

Perfect Match for Grilled Fish, Salad & Cheese – Beringer Founders’ Estate Sauvignon Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc is crafted from the select vineyards in the North Coast and the California Delta. Cooled by the maritime influence, the white wine has bright flavours. Combined with the warm sunshine, the wine ends with a clean grassy note and crisp acidity.

The World’s Famous First Premium Wine Beringer Founders’ Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

Beringer Vineyard’s Cabernet Sauvignon has a long history of 130 years. It is sourced from California’s most renowned and emerging appellations, including Paso Robles and Monterey. It boasts flavours of black cherry and raspberry among others. A long, lingering finish follows the round mouthfeel and supple tannins.

Regional Estate Series

Napa Valley’s Wine Representative – 2015 Napa Valley Chardonnay

One of the white wine series by Beringer Vineyards, it uses Chardonnay grapes from the Napa Valley. The grapes with the highest quality are used to produce the wine. Some are placed in the French oak for 6 months prior to bottling. Meanwhile, 80% of them are allowed to undergo the secondary process of fermentation. This will produce creamy mouthfeel and lush texture at the end.

Now, it’s time to start matching the wines with your travel plan. Below are some of the tips shared by Beringer Vineyard and Levy Li for your travel plan.

Before that, I believe that many of us know how troublesome it is to plan a group travel. You have to consider everyone’s time and to-do lists. Thus, the schedule planning is often difficult. Sometimes, you also have to modify the plan due to the weather and festivals.

Whether it is a journey with your best friends or family, travelling with them is always exciting! It’s not just to create memories but to be able to look back to the times spent together.

Don’t you just want to travel now? You can start to plan now and enjoy a wonderful trip with your family or friends.

1. Mark down the public holidays or long weekend

It’s common knowledge that Malaysia has many public holidays. When the holidays fall on the weekends or close to them, a long holiday awaits us. Use this opportunity to travel! You can also choose to take a number of paid leave to lengthen your travel time too. Hence, you will be able to travel further.

2. Choose your travelling partner and book their time to create memories

This is the most important step. You can easily travel anywhere by yourself but it’s different when you travel in a group. Everyone has different schedules. At times, three best friends won’t even be able to sit down and have dinner together.

Therefore, if you are asking your friend to travel, it’s better to prepare and discuss earlier the time. The suggested time is two months beforehand and share the workload of preparing for the trip. Only then you will be able to wait happily for the day to come!

3. A wonderful plan requires a great location!

The most troublesome part when planning a trip is the location. Where and how to go are details which have to be figured out. When travelling in a group, everyone would like to participate. Why not gather everyone in a restaurant to eat and discuss together? You can even order some Beringer wine for the pre-travel dinner.

Of course, when you are planning the schedule, try to find out everyone’s favourite scenery, restaurant, hotel and spa. It is better to reach a conclusion together. Yet, since all of us have different preferences, the trip should include at least one preferred destination for everyone. Fro the night market to the modern cafe, make sure everyone gets to enjoy themselves! The trip will then be an enjoyable one!

The travel begins with your expectations, so don’t be too tense. Enjoy yourself throughout including the planning process. Be it your friends or your family, express your thoughts and fulfil your dreams together. Finally, dare to dream big and list out all the places you want to visit!

Don’t you think that your travel will be easier with all these tips?

Hurry and check out Beringer Vineyards’ Wine Map, so as to travel and drink to your heart’s content!

Originally written by Vicki.

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