What The Fluff Challenge: How Smart Are Your Pets

If you’ve been keeping yourself in trend, then you must have heard about the #WhatTheFluff Challenge that has been going viral on social media. People have been trying out with all their pets, including cats, dogs and even birds!

Watch this video by PetsInsider to know what it is:


Haha, look at those reactions!

The rules of this challenge are really simple. Just get your pets to stay in front of a huge piece of cloth (big enough to cover yourself), then hide behind the wall to disappear!

p/s: It works best when you’re near the door

This prank on pets started when a girl in the UK tried it with her Husky, leaving it with a confused look.

Then in a glimpse, pet owners across various countries started doing the challenge to test how smart are their pets.

Search the hashtag for more cute compilations~



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