When HEILSTÄTTEN’s Horror Went Viral On Youtube

In Germany, you can find a few of the old sanatoriums existing since the First World War. The disused hospital complex often serves as the main places to treat fatal lung diseases. Even Hitler was treated here before he grew influential. Now, as with many abandoned buildings, you will not want to miss HEILSTÄTTEN, the German horror movie about ghostly sanatoriums.

Based on the dark history of Beelitz Heilstätten, the plot revolves around a group of modern-day youngsters entering the remote and gloomy sanctuary. After all, spending a night at the ominous place seems trivial when you know that your instant fame would be in your hands soon.

Directed by Michael David Pate, he also wrote for HEILSTÄTTEN together with  Ecki Ziedrich. Meanwhile, the acting cast for this spooky film about abandoned hospital complex includes Nilam Farooq, Farina Flebbe and Sonja Gerhardt.

Next, let’s dive deep into the horror details. The story of HEILSTÄTTEN  began when a group of YouTubers illegally access the ominous surgery block. They hope to go for a 24-hour challenge which they hope will go viral. Soon, they learn that they are not alone and not welcome.

In HEILSTÄTTEN, Theo (Schultz), a tour guide for the abandoned sanatorium, brings the vloggers into the notorious facility. From beauty channel to Youtube pranks, you will be able to see the diverse characters running for their life.

On another note, it’s interesting to know that the actual shooting location was not in Beelitz Heilstätten. Due to a clash in filming schedule with another movie, the crew filmed HEILSTÄTTEN in another old hospital complex in Germany, the Grabowsee Heilstätten. Still, the Beelitz Heilstätten ruins have a better claim than the latter. It has allegedly the largest rooftop forest in the world!

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