Which Is The Perfect Gift For Your Father?

June is a month of celebrations. 

While the Muslims are still observing fasting in the holy month and preparing for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri in just two weeks time, the Malaysian Buddhist celebrated the Wesak Day last week. Now, we are about to celebrate again. 

Father’s Day!

Maybe it is not a religious celebration, but Father’s Day is (maybe) equally important as this is the day we celebrate our fathers to show that we appreciate and love the first man in our lives. After all, they love us unconditionally and guide us in life.  So what do you give your father for this special day?

Let’s scroll down to find the perfect gift for our ‘big man’ according to his personality 

Adventure Dad

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Is your father someone keen on adventures? You can book a diving trip even without a license for a short underwater trip guided by professionals. Islands are, after all, a huge treasure box in Malaysia waiting to be opened.

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Or if one is nearby, head to the beach and let your dad paraglide across the wide sea. The breathtaking corals and mesmerising sunset are bound to leave him smiling!

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If you think it is too much for an adventurous yet weak-hearted dad, let him ask his old friends for a round of paintball or go-karting.

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A trip to the theme parks such as Sunway Lagoon and Lost World of Tambun will also surely enchant this old ahem! Young-at-heart man.

Conservative Dad

Now, I understood your frustrations if your father is someone more conservative. Cash in on the latest AV system and join your dad to watch a movie at home. He will surely be enthralled by the blasting stereo and wide-screen TV!

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If he still prefers to jot down his to-do list, a classic notebook and a timeless fountain pen will never go wrong. New phone case might be on the mind of a more frugal father who owns a phone as well.

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On the other hand, if he is an avid reader, sign up your father for the local bookstore membership for him to enjoy discounts when buying books.

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If you know what his passions are, get him that magazine subscription! You can also offer to pay for his newspaper subscription, or help him to register for paper-friendly e-newspapers and e-books subscriptions.

Gourmet Dad

What if your dad is someone who enjoys good food? Simply book a dinner at his favourite restaurant!

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With Father’s Day coming up, many shops are offering promotions. Just grab one of those decadent healthy snacks and luxurious food hamper for your old man!

On another note, if he is also a cook-at-home dad, head to the nearest home appliances store and buy him a microwave oven or a shiny set of cooking utensils. A coffee machine would be perfect for the coffee lover in him.

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Nevertheless, if you have the time, why not pick up a recipe and cook a special meal for your dad? He will surely appreciate the efforts.

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Grooming Dad

Of course, there is always the father who just knows what is trendy these days. A common gift would be that highly practical necktie. If you have a bigger budget, a set of handsome suit or nice traditional wear will certainly make your father smile.

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Cufflinks and watch are also another options for those looking to dress up your father.

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If he agrees to it, you can bring him over to the hair salon for a new haircut and even hair treatment for a better look.

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Health Conscious Dad

Next, don’t forget your health-conscious dad who might need that extra boost of vitamin and probiotic supplements! Since we are in Malaysia, browse the stores for energy-boosting natural herbs such as ginseng and Tongkat Ali. Chicken essence is yet another great choice for your father.

I am sure that even a basket of fruits will be welcomely happily by your father.

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In case you have the time, offer to bring him to a full medical and dental check-ups to ensure his health is in tip-top condition.

Nature Outdoorsy Dad

Meanwhile, you can also choose to bond with your dad as you go hiking or camping at one of the tropical forests in Malaysia.

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A nature retreat can be an alternative for your father if he is less keen on vigorous activities.

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Moreover, if he has green fingers, buy him some potted plants or seeds for his home garden.

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You can even make your father’s day by asking him along for horse riding if he is an animal lover.

Nostalgic Dad

Other than that, you can also order a photobook full of your memories together. It would certainly be the best gift ever received by a dad who loves to reminiscences about the past.

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Another option is to customise a shirt, a cup or even a coaster with the picture of you two.

Sports Dad

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A sports dad would love your company as you two play golf together. However, if you think he prefers a different type of sports, book a court and invite him to a match of badminton or tennis. You can even indulge in his love of football if you want!

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In addition to the above, you can ask him to join you for a short trip to the nearest swimming pool or gym.

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Don’t forget that even jogging together will be a great time for both of you!

Stress-Free Dad

On the contrary, a massage chair will be wonderful for a dad wanting to relax.

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If he is willing, you can book him a session of pampering massage or spa treatment.

Furthermore, a music subscription will be lovely for your old man who loves music.

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What’s more, if both of you are non-Muslims, check out the nearest Buddhist centres for a calming meditation retreat.

Tech Savvy Dad

The next type is that tech-savvy dad. The trendy smartwatch allows your father to monitor his blood pressure, heartbeat and sleeping pattern. It would even be a good PA for him as he answers his call conveniently using it.

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All the same, if your budget is high enough, buy that smartphone or tablet you know he has been eyeing for some time.

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Even an electric razor will be a suitable surprise gift for your father.

Travel Bug Dad

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Last but not least, you can organise a road trip to places such as Penang and Malacca for a dad who loves travelling.

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On a second thought, a cruise ship is also a pleasant getaway for the whole family with all its amenities onboard.

On top of that, if you know he needs it, buys him that exclusive luggage. Otherwise, any accessories such as luggage weight, cover or tag is always a welcomed addition to his collection.

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Finally, to all fathers out there, may you have a joyous Happy Father’s Day!

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