Which Is Your Favourite Chocolate?

Do you know that on July 7th every year, the world is supposed to celebrate a wonderful day?

It’s none other than the World Chocolate Day! Thus, can you guess how do people celebrate the day? Of course, it’s by enjoying your favourite chocolate in all its deliciously sinful forms!

Firstly, let’s have a short introduction to this wonderful human creation first. Made from the seeds of a cacao bean, chocolate has been a perennial favourite since long ago. Actually, the cacao plants which produce cacao beans used to be cultivated by the Native Americans.

Today, these plants are cultivated around the equator. Furthermore, chocolate products commonly found these days range from cocoa powder and baking chocolate to dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, we’re lucky to have many types of chocolate and chocolate flavoured items to indulge in. Oh, we are not talking about the expensive ones. Our favourites are those that are less than RM20. Moreover, some of these chocolates bring back childhood memories.

Now, have a look at the familiar list. Don’t forget to let us know which is your favourite chocolatey goodness once you are done scrolling!

Ferrero Rocher

To begin with here’s the often touted by TV advertisements as one of the most luxurious chocolate products out there.

Kit Kat

In addition, who can forget the slogan, “Have a Break, Take a Kit Kat”?


Next, Cadbury’s chocolates and the Choclairs have certainly been parts of our choco memories.


Meanwhile, Toblerone is always known for its unique shape while being delicious at the same time.


Image by blaircandy.com.

After that, who can ever forget the distinctive bite-sized Hershey’s Kisses?

Crispy Chocolate Malaysia

Image by tokopedia.com.

This crispy rice cereal-filled chocolate is yet another lovely chocolate from back then.

Mars & Snickers

Image by money.cnn.com.

Another crowd favourite, Mars and Snickers are well-known brands for that extra sweet dose of chocolate!

Cloud 9

On the other hand, this bar of soft nougat, creamy caramel and crunchy peanut will never fail to make you smile.


For your information, when spread over the bread, even the pickiest child will finish the toast in front of him.

Nestlé Koko Krunch® Cereals

Image by xiaoxin94.wixsite.com.

For now, imagine waking to up to this bowl of crunchy chocolate goodness with milk. It’s certainly comforting!

Apollo Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Waffle Stick & Milk Chocolate Wafers

Image by tokopedia.com.

And there’s also the crowd pleaser chocolate layer cake, chocolate wafer and chocolate waffle sticks.

Image by lelong.my.

Image by pgmall.my.

Nyam Nyam

Image by goody25.com.

Other than that, another choco snack will be the Nyam Nyam and Choki Choki.

Choki Choki

Image by tokopedia.com.

M&M’s & Smarties

Don’t forget the ever colourful chocolates as well!


Always lick it, twist it and dunk it whenever you have this.


Image by sweets.lk.

With more and more variations, these chocolate chip biscuits remain a hit among Malaysians.

Chocolate Ice Cream

You have the normal Malaysian style ice cream with cones and the ones in a stick. Some people have the chocolate with bread or prefer it served in their cup.

Chocolate Milk

Image by mydin.my.

From Dutch Lady and Goodday to Marigold, chocolate flavoured milk has always been a favourite of the younger Malaysians, and even most adults.

Image by mydin.my.

Image by 11street.my.

Chocolate Cake

With more different types of chocolate cakes being created and served every day, you do wonder who will be bored of eating this sinfully delicious cake?

Chocolate Biscuits

Image by alibaba.com.

Hands down to the classics, from Muzic and Lexus to Tim Tam, chocolate biscuits are often choco wonders.

Image by aliexpress.com.

Image by grocermart.com.

Oh, and here’s the children’s favourite Tora and Ding Dang from yesteryears.

Image by tsaitrade.com.

The third example is the latest popular twist includes brands of Pepero and Pocky.

Apam Balik Chocolate

Moving on, there’s also Malaysian own take of local snack with chocolate version, the apam balik chocolate.

Image by terjahmakan.com.

Kek Batik

On another note, who has the experience of making this scrumptious Batik cake?


Last but not least, Milo is extremely popular in Malaysia, being synonymous with chocolate flavoured drinks.

Image by rojakdaily.com.

What’s more, you can find many Milo-inspired creations from Milo Dinosaur to Ais Kepal Milo Pekat and Milo Ice Cream Malaysia to Milo Agar Agar. All in all, it seems almost all Malaysians are fans of this drink!

Image by says.com.

So, what’s your favourite chocolate and its related products? Personally, mine is everything chocolate, from the most bitter dark chocolate to the sweetest version of chocolate snack ever! Here’s a sincere wish of Happy Chocolate Day from SINI KAKI! In conclusion, enjoy your favourite chocolates and likes this 7th July to celebrate the magical treat!

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