Your Voice As A Remote Control: Voice Control System At Home

Voice control system at home, which started with the voice command device, is a structure controlled by human voice to operate machines or devices. It is more commonly found in our phones and laptops, such as Siri and Google Assistant. With this voice control system, your voice ultimately becomes a remote control, to on, off and adjust lights, fans, speakers etc.

This technology has no doubt benefited a lot of people, including saving the victim of a house explosion in US. This victim is a man who got his face and hands burnt badly during the explosion, and by using his voice, he asked Siri to dial 911 for him.

As the advancement of voice recognition continues, people began to incorporate it into homes for more convenience. Imagine having your hands full of bags and books, and your voice is the only key to open the door; how nice would that be?

1. Smart TV

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By using systems such as Alexa voice control from Amazon Echo, you can turn your smart TV on and off, and even change channels with only your voice. This saves the hassle of looking for your remote control, which is always hidden somewhere in the gaps of cushions or under the TV console.

2. Fan

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After a whole day of doing housework, it would be exhausting to get up from the sofa and reaching the fan switch. Hence, smart fans can not only be controlled using remote controls in phones but also your voice!

3. Lights

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The smart lights introduced by Ikea last year also has the voice control feature. Not only that they’re wireless, you can also dim and control the colour temperature according to your preference.

Smart Home Setup

To have a voice-controlled smart home set up, there are a few options like Google Assistant, Apple, and Amazon Echo. The easiest way would be using the system designed by Apple, which is to install an app from IOS in your Apple device. It would then auto connect to nearby devices, making it super convenient to ‘order’ Siri to complete tasks for you.

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